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Introduction to dentalShift
If you experience a high level of stress in your office when things go wrong (which they often do), consider joining a dentalShift group. Our purpose is to make the dental experience enjoyable for dentists, staff and patients. It's that simple. By shifting your culture to reducing stress and generating happiness, you will attract the patients you want and the team that you need to prosper and enjoy your practice.
dentalShift leads you and your team through a process where you, your team and your peers build a happiness centered practice – a practice where people love to serve and be served and the team members enjoy their work and grow together personally and professionally.
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The dentalShift Fundamental Process
The change system involves developing a clear vision of the experience the owner wants for himself and his team and setting a benchmark for the current experience. Then we implement values in the form of performance standards for working together based on Dr. Paddi Lund's practice. These standards pull people together and provide a way to dramatically reduce the effects of office stress.
Once this foundation is in place, we move into the execution phase with goals, relevance, action and feeback on a continuing basis consisting of regular team and peer meetings.
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dentalShift will not work for every practice The key determinant of success is your commitment to building a high performing team defined as a team that works well together despite the typical stress of a dental office.

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